There are 3 different product groups, two-part, three-part and hybrid models. RunFlat type is selected according to customer design constraints (diameter, weight, speed, tire type, etc.), rim and tire type. After the necessary customization(if necessary), procurement is performed as soon as possible.

Rim type, form, CTIS system, etc. properties are considered in order to offer the appropriate RunFlat System. RunFlat Systems are supplied for rims up to 28” (inch)for different projects. In addition to military vehicles (wheeled armored vehicles), there are also Hiyap (1400xR25), Loader (23.5x25), special radar, Rocket & Missile vehicles supplied for special projects. Apart from the stated dimensions, the products can be revised or new products can be designed according to the needs of customer.

If desired, RunFlat System with BR 7 level ballistic protection (7.62x51 mm NATO) can also be provided.

The choice of suitable wheels and tires is very important in order to function the RunFlat System safely. We getting any size and stronger steel&aluminum wheel and tire for customer requirements. All technical support is provided for customers in order to choose the right wheels and tires.


When the tire bursts for various reasons while the vehicle is in motion, it cannot fulfill the wheel function that meets the weight of the vehicle and allows it to move forward. The tire loses its mechanical strength, its interaction with the ground (terramechanical properties) is impaired, and the torque transmitted by the transmission cannot be transferred to the ground through the tire.

Due to the malfunction of the wheel, the tire comes into contact with the rim uncontrollably, excessive friction occurs. As a result, the tire is deformed and heat is released. With the deformation in the tire, the contact of the steering and suspension system with the ground, the wheel that provides steering and transmits torque cannot fulfill its function and the vehicle goes out of control. Losing control of the vehicle can cause great dangers and it becomes risky for the vehicle to complete its mission.

In order to prevent this danger and complete the task, the tire must function for a certain time after the tire has blown. At this point, the subsystem "RUNFLAT", which is installed between the rim and the tire, which enables the wheel to function, comes to the fore.


  • By keeping the vehicle under control, it is ensured that it can reach the target.
  • When the tire explodes, instant load and stabilization disorder is minimized.
  • Thanks to the system, the vehicle does not cause an accident and does not prevent traffic.
  • Since the vehicle does not lose control, it does not skid, and does not become a danger to the passengers and their surroundings.
  • Despite the blast of tires, the vehicle continues to drive, etc. time is not wasted for. The vehicle can reach a safe area or destination without any support.