In order to increase the mobility of a wheeled vehicle used on different terrain such as; sand, mud or snow, it is necessary to reduce the pressure of the tires and increase the footprint.

The air in a tire creates a rigid structure by applying pressure on the inner walls of the tire. Pressure is equal on the inner surfaceof tire. Therefore, it applies pressure from the inside to the outside of the tire beads and ensures that the beads are pushed outward in proportion of the surface. Thus, the compression of the bead between the Wheel and this driving force make it stuck. In soft terrain, the force that keeps the pressure depressed tire in place, will therefore be lower. The reduced force may not be sufficient to prevent the tire from slipping or dislocate on the rim. The Beadlock System, which applies pressure to the bead of the tire, is used to eliminate this risk.

Our product is designed and manufactured to be used with different brand of tires.