Aksa RunFlat, in line with needs of Turkish Defense Industry, has been established in Ankara(2011), since its inception, all processes from design to testing within the framework of RunFlat Systems have continued its development with firm steps.

As of today, almost for all type of wheeled vehicles, The Company AKSA has reached the point that all type of RunFlat Systems can be supplied. In addition to Defense Industry, in line with the needs of Domestic Security, Public, Construction Machinery and Private (VIP) Vehicles RunFlat Systems can be designed and produced. Not only product supply, but also for the after sales technical support and design and supply of apparatus needed in the stage of the development issues, Aksa always supports customers.

AKSA has always adopted the principle of exceeding customer expectations. Thats why, from the raw material, by working with specialist material suppliers, to incoming, process and final quality control the goal is providing high quality at every stage. Also, next and the last important point is that, each new designed RunFlat System is tested on our custom design test device according to constrains(load, speed, and so on.) supplied by customers and determined by us.


Being an specialized expert in RunFlat Systems needed in Turkish Defense Industry, Homeland Security and Civilian areas and representing our country as a high brand value RunFlat Systems supplier in the international market.


To be a solution partner to our customers by designing and producing reliable and competitive RunFlat Systems around the world.