When the tire bursts for various reasons while the vehicle is in motion, it cannot fulfill the wheel function that meets the weight of the vehicle and allows it to move forward. The tire loses its mechanical strength, the interaction with the ground (terra-mechanical properties) is impaired and the torque transmitted by the transmission cannot be transferred to the ground through the tire. Due to the dysfunction, the tire contacts the wheel uncontrolled and excessive friction occurs.



Araç seyir halindeyken çeşitli nedenlerle lastik patladığında, aracın ağırlığını taşıyan ve çekişi sağlayan tekerlek fonksiyonunu yerine getiremez. Lastik mekanik dayanımını kaybeder, zemin ile arasındaki etkileşim (terramekanik özellikler) bozulur ve transmisyon ile iletilen tork lastik aracılığı ile zemine aktarılamaz. Fonksiyondaki bozukluktan dolayı jant ile lastik kontrolsüz olarak temas eder, aşırı miktarda sürtünme oluşur.



Choosing right and the most suitable wheel is very important for the RunFlat System to perform its duty safely. All kinds of technical support is provided to customers while choosing the right wheel. In line with customer demands; all suitable steel and aluminum wheel options are offered.



In order to fulfill the task of RunFlat System exactly and with high performance, choosing the appropriate tire is very important. For this reason, our customers are provided with technical support on the wheel and runflat used, and the most appropriate tire information for technical requirements. In case of customer demand, tire supply is also carried out.



In order to increase the mobility of a wheeled vehicle used on different terrain such as; sand, mud or snow, it is necessary to reduce the pressure of the tires and increase the footprint. The air in a tire creates a rigid structure by applying pressure on the inner walls of the tire. Pressure is equal on the inner surfaceof tire.



Ballistic protection of fuel tanks in military vehicles is very crucial in order to complete their mission. A hole caused by bullet, mine or fragmentation bomb (shrapnel) in the storage will cause fuel to leak, in other words, it will cause the vehicle to become immobile after a short time.



When the tire flats because of any reason while driving; the tire cannot perform its function and comes into contact with the rim. After this point, because of vehicle weight, the rim apply force to the inner surface of the tire.

If driving is continued (if possible) in same condition, the surface becomes warmer, the tire is deformed, and even the tire may burn due to the effect of kinetic friction. Then the wheel cannot perform its function and the vehicle stops.


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